Pronar wheels


From the following articles you will learn more about our company, the innovations we introduced, and the production standards. There are also news from the world of wheels and tyres. We invite you to read on.

Aktualności Pronar Wheels - Kontrola Jakości

Pronar Wheels quality control

The high quality of Pronar wheels has made them applicable, among others in trailers, construction, industrial, forestry and military machinery. We make them in a unique cold processing technology. It is the high quality of production, confirmed by certificates, that made the world’s largest producers of agricultural machinery and tyres interested in Pronar wheels .

Aktualności Pronar Wheels - Centrum Badawczo - Rozwojowe

Research and Development Center

The search for innovative solutions and technologies is one of the conditions for the development of enterprises. However, it should not be an end in itself, since the most important thing is to be able to use the results of the research work in the economic circumstances and benefitting from it. The ability to adapt research and development activities to market requirements makes the company competitive and its services and products unique.

Aktualności Pronar Wheels - Podnoszenie kwalifikacji

We plan employee trainings

Each year we conduct trainings in Pronar more and more often. Most of them concern newly recruited employees or transferred to a position with a completely different specificity than the previous ones. Last year, Pronar employees most often raised their qualifications in the field of electrohydraulics, service maintenance, casting defects and methods of preventing them, as well as operating cranes and forklifts. First of all, the main goal of these trainings is quick and effective preparation for new tasks as part of the duties arising from the given job. As a result, the efficiency, commitment and self-confidence of employees who are not afraid of making some mistakes while performing new tasks increases. The people who train them are Pronar employees with extensive professional experience and ability to share their knowledge.

Koła i Opony

MES software – faster product implementation

Implementation of innovative technologies, including more and more advanced programs such as from the CAE group (ANSYS and LS-DYNA), contributes to the successful and continuous development of Pronar. These programs help to detect weak points in the design of machines earlier. Without this new software it was only possible to locate it after a series of tests during operating hours. This, in turn, prevents possible damage to the structure already at the design stage. It also shortens the time of implementation of the product into serial production.