Modernization of the Pronar Wheels warehouse

Modernization of the warehouse

More efficient use of the warehouse

The uncertain economic situation and the armed conflict beyond our eastern border adversely affect both domestic and foreign trade of companies operating in Poland. Despite these difficulties, the demand for Pronar wheels does not decrease, on the contrary – the demand for them is constantly growing.

The increasing number of orders is a challenge not only for the production department, but also for the warehouse, whose task is to receive finished products, store them and prepare them for shipment. In order for the course of these activities to be the most optimal, the Pronar Wheels warehouse space was thoroughly modernized.

Its goal was to increase the number of pallet places on the unchanged warehouse space. This was achieved by implementing modern solutions and optimizing warehouse processes. New high load racks were installed in the warehouse, and the height of the already used ones was increased to 9 meters. This allowed goods to be stored right under its roof. On the other hand, thanks to the denser arrangement of racks, the use of storage space has been improved.

The introduced modifications increased the number of pallet spaces on the racks by 110%. The larger working surface enabled the warehouse employees to work much more smoothly, which significantly shortened the time needed to remove the pallet from the rack and transport it to the storage area. The movement of forklift was also reorganized, which allows the operators to reach the designated places faster. The warehouse also gained a new signage – in accordance with Pronar Wheels standards.

Modernization of the Pronar Wheels warehouse
Modernization of the Pronar Wheels warehouse

The effect of rational warehouse management is not only the collision-free communication routes or the reduction of costs, because Pronar Wheels also attaches great importance to pro-ecological activities.

The warehouse uses electric Pronar forklifts with high reach and with a platform for the operator. They are equipped with systems emitting sound and light signals as well as cameras and positioners that enable efficient positioning of pallets on the desired level of rack shelves.

Automatic fork adjustment systems in Pronar electric forklift trucks allow for loading and transporting pallets of various widths. This is of great importance for Pronar Wheels, because rims with sizes from 6 to 54 inches are manufactured here. The trucks are equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which take only 1.5 hours to fully charge (they can also be recharged at any time).

The rationalization of the operation of the Pronar Wheels warehouse, the introduction of new signage and the use of electric forklifts also improved the comfort and safety of employees.

Modernization of the Pronar Wheels warehouse
Bartłomiej Ługowoj

Bartłomiej Ługowoj

Purchasing & Logistics Manager
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