Pronar Wheels employees at TVS Eurogrip

Visit at TVS Eurogrip

A great investment by our partner

At the end of September, the business partner of Pronar Wheels – the Indian company TVS Eurogriplaunched its most modern factory in Madurai (southern part of India, state of Tamil Nadu), where it produces radial tyres from the off-highway segment. Our employees participated in the plant opening ceremony.

TVS Eurogrip expands its range

TVS Eurogrip produces more than 41 million tyres a year, generating a turnover of USD 12 billion. Since 2008, Pronar has been able to sell complete wheels by purchasing tyres from its Indian partner.

Rafał Mazur

TVS Eurogrip is one of the key business partners of Pronar Wheels. Thanks to this cooperation, we can expand our product range and sell complete wheels with tyres for agricultural and industrial machines. That is why, together with our colleagues from Pronar Wheels, we strongly urged our Indian partner to make this investment. We are glad that it has been implemented.

Pronar Wheels at TVS Eurogrip

Pronar also invests. The most innovative equipment and production lines installed in the new factory in Narew enable the production of disc wheels for orders from global concerns (e.g. AGCO). With such a wide selection of TVS Eurogrip tyres and many types of disc wheels manufactured in Narew, Pronar Wheels ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of wheels with tyres.

Pronar Wheels employees with the employees of TVS Eurogrip
Pronar Wheels employees with the employees of TVS Eurogrip
Mateusz Gudz - Tyre Wholesale Manager

Mateusz Gudz

Tyre Wholesale Manager

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