New Pronar Wheels factory

New factory

The new Pronar factory – on the way to the leader position of disc wheel manufacturers

With the new production hall, which we are putting into use soon, we are increasing not only the quality of our products, but also our production capacity. Thanks to modern machines that will be launched with the production line, we will be able to increase the efficiency and production of our disc wheels up to 1 million pieces per year. This is a huge step forward for us and another proof that Pronar continues to develop and invest in the future.

New Pronar Wheels factory

Production automation

One of the main goal of the new production hall is to focus on automation, aimed at producing the highest quality products by reducing the possibility of human errors. Thanks to this, we will be able to maintain the high quality of our products and increase production efficiency.

Production line

The new factory in Narew has two identical production lines, each of which consists of four profiling machines. The line forms rims on its own, and it also collects steel from pallets by itself. The profiling machines are much larger than those currently in the older production hall, which will allow us to manufacture larger products. The rims are checked before profiling and after welding using special, highly accurate lasers.

New Pronar Wheels factory

Painting process

The powder coating process consists of 9 stages, which ensures the highest quality and colour durability. A novelty is zinc phosphating, which gives the highest standard of surface protection, better than nanoceramics. The paint shop will be able to paint details up to 700 kg in size 54×54. One detail will be painted on average in 30 seconds, making the entire painting process very quick and effective.

Intelligent paint shop system

In the new factory, Pronar has introduced an intelligent paint shop system that decides what to paint and when. The employee’s task is only to hang the detail and select the colour and then the program will plan its route itself to optimize the time and cost of painting. The presence of two painting chambers is also a great help – the machine can paint in one and change colour in the other, which allows for even greater optimization of time and costs.

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