Grand Opening

On November 30, 2023, Pronar celebrated a spectacular event – the official opening of its third wheel factory and ninth overall.

The factory on Ogrodowa Street is a modern, fully automated facility covering a total area of 1.7 hectares. Within its premises are two twin production lines, the paint shop, and a high-storage warehouse.

The machines processing steel into wheels are entirely designed by Pronar engineers and manufactured on-site in Narew by the company’s employees. These are world-class and unique devices, as Pronar Wheels uses solutions that no one else in the world employs.

These machines represent the 8th and 9th generations continually improved over the years by the company’s engineers. Production operations have been minimized thanks to automation, yet this will result in several dozen additional job opportunities in the market.

The ceremony was attended by an impressive 1500 Pronar employees

and invited dignitaries, including Bohdan Paszkowski – the Voivode of Podlaskie, and Jan Stanisław Kap – Vice President of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone.

The ceremony began with Krzysztof Lewczuk, the head of the HR department, officially welcoming everyone and inviting President of the Board, Mr. Sergiusz Martyniuk, to the stage. In his speech, Martyniuk shared not only his vision for the future but also memories of the challenging yet triumphant moments in the company’s history, which, as he emphasized, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

The next speaker of the day was Wojciech Tomkiel, the head of Pronar Wheels.

In his speech, he discussed the possibilities brought by the new factory, emphasizing innovative solutions, the introduction of an intelligent paint system, and production processes that will increase the efficiency and quality of the offered products. The highlight of the speech was the ceremonial signing of the first produced wheel.

During the ceremony, prestigious state decorations were also awarded

by the President of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, thus honoring the commitment and contribution of Pronar employees to the country’s development.

The artistic part of the event was handled by the Pronar choir and musical ensemble

adding a cultural touch to this exceptional occasion with their performances. After the official part, all attendees were invited to a reception prepared by the catering staff. The official opening ceremony provided an excellent opportunity for reflection on achievements and the building of prospective plans for the coming years.

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Marcin Bukowski

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