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The welding technologies used in Pronar have been certified by an international, independent notified body.

The certificates issued by TUV Rheinland are not only proof of the compliance of welding processes with the applicable ISO standards, but also a guarantee of high-quality welds in our products. Welding is a process of critical importance for users of agricultural, municipal and recycling machinery.

The choice of technology, welding methods and the resulting welds translate into, among others, on the strength or corrosion resistance of the machines themselves, because a properly made welded joint should not differ in strength parameters from the basic material being joined. In recent years, Pronar has successively invested in robotization and automation of welding processes, not limiting itself to the purchase and implementation of robots from renowned manufacturers. Many of the solutions used in the company were designed by our own engineers. It was like that in the case of welding rims in the products of the Wheels Department, which is clearly visible in the video below. Lines visible on it, that are for serial welding of rims with plasma automatic machines and automated welding of shields with the rim using the MIG / MAG method, were created in Pronar.

The wheel welding technology at Pronar has been recognized and certified by TUV Rheinland Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR for short), as the procedure requires the certification of each welding technology used in production.

They are mandatory separately for each welding method used at Pronar Wheels with the division into welding positions, types of welded joints and thickness of the welded material. It means that the welds in Pronar wheels, regardless of the method by which they were created, meet all technical and qualitative requirements in accordance with the applicable international standards contained in ISO standards.
Automation and robotization of our company’s welding technology, next to the Wheels Department, also increasingly applies to other Pronar factories. Welded connections made on robotic stations can be found on shafts and chambers of slow-speed shredders as well as on hooks and frames of hook trailers. Procedures connected to the welding technologies certification procedures at the factory in Siemiatycze have recently been completed, and further certifications of the company’s welding solutions are already planned.
Krzysztof Szubzda Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Techniki i Rozwoju

Krzysztof Szubzda

Deputy Director, Head of Technology and Development

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