Welding at Pronar Wheels factory

WPQR Certificate

To deliver goods of the highest quality, Pronar Wheels constantly modernizes its machine park by introducing the most innovative production technologies. But that’s not all – every piece of equipment used in the process of manufacturing has to pass a series of examinations and in-house tests and then – under the supervision of independent accreditation body – the process of certification based on special norms and rules.

One of the most neuralgic steps of production is welding which – as one of so called “special processes” – is subject to special supervision.

Every welding machine or implemented welding technology in Pronar Wheels has a WPQR certificate (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) confirming high quality of products. That’s why wheels produced in Pronar factories meet the highest world standards. Customers interested in the purchase pay special attention to this fact, because the WPQR certificate is the official confirmation of high quality.

Obtaining the Welding Procedure Qualification Record required subjecting the technologies used in Pronar Wheels to many very detailed tests carried out under the supervision of a certification body. These studies are aimed at determining whether the welds on a wheel are made according to the established standards.

In addition, to ensure the highest quality of products, welding machines are validated annually (including tests for precise and safe operation). Pronar Wheels outsources this process to another company. Annual protocols confirming the calibration and safe operation of machines are required during audits carried out by wheels buyers – Polish and foreign machine manufacturers.

However, innovative welding technologies and the most modern machines – controlled through certification procedures – are not enough. Educated and qualified staff is indispensable. That is why the engineers responsible for production processes participate in regular trainings and workshops. In addition, all welders take part in theoretical and practical trainings ending with exams which allow them to obtain certificates from the International Welding Federation. The International Welder’s Certificate gives them qualifications in the selected welding method.

The possibility of obtaining a certificate is available not only to people with welding experience. Pronar gives an opportunity to acquire such qualifications and documents confirming them also for people without directional education or practical and theoretical knowledge. During the classes conducted at PRONAR Academy by high-class specialists, including experienced practitioners, students can learn everything from scratch.

Welder at Pronar Wheels factory
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