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Pronar Wheels as AGCO Partner at Agritech 2021

The AGCO Summit was meant to happen in March 2021 but it was postponed to September as a result of uncertain situation connected to COVID-19 in Europe. Three days of meetings took place in the heart of Augsburg, the third most populous Bavarian city located 80 km from Munich. Pronar Wheels OE section took part in numerous panel discussions, presentations and backstage conversations which took place during those three days.
During the day before the conference we were present at the discussion titled “Winds of Change: Empowering Women for Leadership”. We have heard speeches from the representatives of director and manager boards from companies such as AGCO, Shell or Lufthansa. Panel was based on a discussion between the spokeswomen and the publicity about the role of women in business and their role in building companies. Speakers told us about their experiences with handling crisis situations at work, tough beginnings in the man centred business and about the fact that the companies start to choose women more often.

In 2020, Pronar Wheels, as one of few suppliers of the AGCO group, was invited to participate in the 2nd edition of Agritech Supplier Summit 2021 as a partner of the event.

Agritech Supplier Summit
The first day of the conference was full of various events and was started with speeches about broadly understood supply chain. It was one of the most talked about subjects of the whole Summit next to the ecology. After the official opening the publicity was welcomed by Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner, Bavarian Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Michaela Kaniber and Vice Mayor of the City of Augsburg Martina Wild. Next spokespeople during their short speeches talked about the functioning of their companies, protecting the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint as well as the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on market and the future of AI in logistics.
Additionally, Agritech participants could choose workshops during which they have discussed supply chains, alternative power sources, ecology and the differences between local and global suppliers. Representatives of many companies working with AGCO took part in the dialogues. The meetings were summarised during the discussion panel which gathered the participants of all the workshops. The day ended with a conversation about the huge role of robots and ecology in industry.
Agritech Supplier Summit
Next day started with the open discussion led by the people responsible for the deliveries of goods in AGCO and Air France. Afterwards, the spokespeople spoke about the subjects connected to the future and digitalisation of agriculture. What’s interesting, one of the spokespeople was the representative of Huawei. The guest from the IT industry talked about the intelligent devices which have already started to revolutionize the way in which we perceive farming.

Difficult access to materials, transport problems and other various issues taught our company how to function even in the hardest conditions.

After the panel came the time of presentations. It is worth to mention that the manager of our OE section, Michał Korch, was invited to the event as a speaker. Our representative’s speech was all about the resourcefulness written in Pronar’s DNA and about the reasons behind our company’s continuity of production and deliveries during the pandemic. The presentation would not be full without mentioning our company’s beginnings set in the challenging times of political transition.
Agritech Supplier Summit
Thanks to our company’s resourcefulness we were able to get through lockdowns without any loses. Not many businesses present at the event were able to survive this hard time as stable as us. While talking about Pronar being ready for everything, our speaker spoke not only about the history of company. Among the reasons of our resourcefulness, he also spoke about our big stocks of steel and various investments aimed at the improvement of our manufacturing and logistic processes. Not to mention our Exhibition Centre and plane fleet – people were shocked with those ventures.
AGCO, thank you for the invitation. We are glad that we could take part in such an important event as a partner. Thank you!
Daniel Grygoruk Specjalista ds. Marketingu

Daniel Grygoruk

Marketing and Sales Support Specialist

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