Pronar Wheels sales team at Ag in Motion 2022 in Canada

Pronar Wheels in Canada

The presentation of Pronar Wheels at Canadian Ag in Motion fair was planned from 2019. The pandemic restrictions have delayed our presence there. Thanks to the cooperation with a Canadian trade partner, Pronar’s show debut at AG in Motion took place on 19-21 July.

Ag in Motion is the biggest agricultural machinery fair in Canada. It takes place once a year near the town of Langham, Saskatchewan. The exhibition was located on a specially prepared area of 610 acres (over 246 ha) called Discovery Farm.

The Pronar Wheels exhibit at this event gained interest of the biggest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. And there are many in Canada. The presentation of Pronar Wheels disc wheels at this event aroused interest on the part of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. And there are lots of them in Canada. The Saskatchewan region is the basin of precision seeders – this is where their production began. It is also the cradle of the largest cultivation equipment, the width of which can reach up to 27 meters. Also here are the world’s largest farms and the largest agricultural machinery in operation.

At the stand of Pronar Wheels, the largest wheels that are installed in agricultural machines were shown, including rims in size DW16x50 intended for tractors used in row crop applications. They were prepared in blood red paint (used by one of the leading manufacturers) with optional masking before painting the area of the bolt pattern. Masking significantly improves the durability of tightening the rims to the machine, which results in longer working time without the need to control the tightening torque of the nuts.

Pronar Wheels stand at Ag in Motion 2022 in Canada

Visitors to the stand could also see welded wheels in size DW25x46 for the latest models of self-propelled sprayers.

Their manufacturers constantly increase the size and speed of their machines. 38 “and 42” rims are already too small to be used in the largest sprayers. Pronar Wheels is one of the two manufacturers in the world that offer DW25x46 wheels. However, next year Pronar will introduce rims in sizes DW28x46 and DW30x46. They will be produced in the new factory in Narew. Leading manufacturers are also already prepared to manufacture tires with sizes adapted to future Pronar products.

A product that attracted a lot of attention was a set of dual wheels in size DW27x38. Such sets could also be seen – in the machines presented at the fair – as complete wheels with IF800/70R38 CFO tires. Manufacturers of these machines are Pronar customers. The design of the DW27x38 double wheels makes the Pronar sets the most durable among comparable products available on the market.

Their construction is based on a expander bands (10 mm thick) and discs (30 mm). The weight of the set is 550 kg. According to the opinions of the manufacturers of the machine using Pronar rims, they are extremely durable – much more durable than hubs.

DW44x32 Seeding Equipment wheel by Pronar Wheels in OE Seedhawk yellow painting

The tires for the world’s largest loaders are available in sizes IF 1250/50R32 CFO. Among the Pronar Wheels products presented at the fair, there were also matching DW44x32 rims.

They are made using an overlap welding technique, and their discs are 3 cm thick. They have aroused a lot of interest among machine producers as they can be mounted in place of hard-to-reach multi-piece rims with a VA rim shape. Pronar wheels are not only much cheaper, but also just as durable.

The stand also presented rims for harvesting machines in size DW18x42 with deep-pressed discs made in the factory in Narewka on specially installed presses. Presses with a pressing force of 3.1 thousand tons and 5 thousand tons are necessary for the production of this type of wheels, because their discs are made of special high-quality steel S 550 MC with a thickness of 18 mm. It is a material with much higher parameters than those used by other manufacturers. Wheels of the size DW18x42 are a specific response of the designers of Pronar Wheels to the problems reported by users who had issues with cracking connections of the outer wheels in combines equipped with 20-pin hubs.

The offer of the company from Narew at the fair also included sprayer wheels in size 23×38″ (adapted to the machine moving at a speed of 65 km/h), wheels for forest machines in size 28×30.5″ (with a specially developed knurling pattern under the tire bead to prevent skidding tires on the rim), ring wheels in size DW16x34″ (made on a two-step ring; intended for utility tractors) and multi-piece rims in size 17×25″ (used in construction loaders). The Pronar Wheels products – rims and complete wheels with TVS Eurogrip tires –the visitors of the fair could also see on the stands of global agricultural machinery manufacturers who are long-time recipients of Pronar products, such as: Seedhawk, Brandt, Salford, Amazone, Kubota and Merlo.

The presentation of Pronar’s offer made many doubters realize that the company from “distant” Europe is successfully competing with American wheel manufacturers without any complexes. It is a good omen for the difficult times ahead.

During the three-day fair, the stand of Pronar Wheels was visited by many guests. Among them were: farmers with their families, constructors working for machine manufacturers, people responsible for purchasing components, as well as owners of factories producing machines. Each of them found a Pronar product that would help them in their business. That is why the offer aroused so much interest, which was confirmed by the results of numerous business talks. Many North American manufacturers of agricultural machinery have been supplying themselves with both Pronar Wheels rims and complete wheels with tires for a long time. And during this year’s Ag in Motion exhibition, successive machine manufacturers could find out that Pronar Wheels produces the best rims for agricultural machinery and that its offer covers the widest range of sizes.

You can also see the wheels presented at the fair in Canada on the website prepared especially for this event. All exhibits were prepared in a 3D environment and were available to event participants after scanning the QR codes present at our stand. You can find them here.

Rafał Mazur Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Handlu i Marketingu

Rafał Mazur

Deputy Director, Head of Sales and Marketing

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