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Prima Aprilis – We have started the production of racing wheels and tyres!

Last year, in our factory in Narewka, we launched an automated production line which includes a manipulator, a hydraulic press with a pressure of 2 thousand tons and a specialized system for laser cutting. The manipulator, which was designed by the Pronar Wheels Development Office, allowed us the production of completely new types of disc wheels and the expansion of our offer with completely new wheels and designs. Our new acquisition, i.e. the laser cutting system, allowed us to implement the plans that we had been preparing for many years. After months of testing, we can finally announce that we have started the official production of wheels for Formula 1 racing cars.

Years of experience in the production of wheels designed for special tasks have allowed us to create 13-inch wheels with above-average durability and extraordinary lightness. To achieve this, we had to make wheels according to world Formula 1 standards, i.e. from special magnesium and aluminium alloys.

To achieve the intended goal, it was necessary to adapt the new automated production line installed in Narewka and to use new hydraulic presses. In addition to conducting a series of tests in a 3D environment with the use of MES software, additional training of the staff was also required to produce a completely new type of wheels. We have also created a dedicated racing department.
At Pronar Wheels, we value versatility and the fact that we offer complete solutions for many sectors. This time, however, we went a step further and made our own tyres. Sports tyres in our offer include compounds from C1 to C5 in sizes 305/670-R13 and 405/670-R13. The compounds were prepared according to world racing standards. In the coming years, the Formula 1 association plans to introduce 18-inch wheels, and we are already conducting research on tyres of such a size that will not allow to drop speed records established with 13-inch wheels. It is an extremely complicated process, but we believe that our experience in the production of wheels will revolutionize the market for racing wheels and tyres.
Last year at Pronar Wheels was marked by development. This year we are going out into completely new waters and we believe that in this way we will pave a new path (and not stand across and block traffic like a certain ship in a certain channel). Our engineers, with the help of other departments of Pronar, made the racing car, thanks to which we were able to carry out all possible tests on the wheels. Who knows, maybe the black arrow will go to get the cup one day?
Daniel Grygoruk Specjalista ds. Marketingu

Daniel Grygoruk

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