President of the Republic of Poland in Pronar Exhibition Centre

President of the Republic of Poland in Pronar

On June 8, at our newly opened Pronar Exhibition Center in Siemiatycze, we hosted the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The president summarizing his visit stated that our company is the undisputed “top of the top” in terms of development and technological progress.
The president came to us in the company of the head of his office, Paweł Szrot, and secretaries of state, Adam Kwiatkowski and Wojciech Kolarski. Also present were Artur Kosicki, the Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, Bogdan Paszkowki, the Voivode of Podlasie and the starost of Siemiatycze, Marek Bobel. The visitors were welcomed by the initiator of the entire exhibition and the President of the Board of Pronar Owners, Sergiusz Martyniuk.

Andrzej Duda

I am proud to visit companies such as this one, because it is an example of the fact that – firstly – a Pole can, and secondly – that Polish industry, in fact, absolutely native, can be at the absolutely highest world level; because it is not only European, it is absolutely world class. This is the top of the top. And it is a great joy for me.

President of the Republic of Poland in Pronar Exhibition Centre
In the area of the Pronar branch in Siemiatycze there are two exhibition halls – and we got one of them. On the our part of the exhibition the guests were joined by the director of Pronar Wheels, Wojciech Tomkiel, who told the guests what our department does. We have divided our Exhibition Center into two departments – the wheel production department and the tyre warehouse department. The guests were amazed at the variety of sizes, colors and types of rims that we presented at the exhibition.
The president drew attention to the largest tyre for agricultural machinery in the world. The tyre with wheel was taller than all those present at the Exhibition Center at that time. Wheels of this type are used in the largest fields in the world, mainly located in the United States. 50-inch rims with tyres drive precision seeders and loading wagons. The second exhibit that enjoyed the greatest interest was the same rim but without a tyre. Only without it you can understand how deep this rim is.

The director of Pronar Wheels, who was guiding the President, told the guests how complicated the process behind the production of a rim of such an unusual shape is. This type of wheel is cut in half so that one more wide rim can be welded in the center.

President of the Republic of Poland in Pronar Exhibition Centre
The guests were also surprised to see the range of tyres, each of which differed in size, width or type of application. Tyres of the brands with which the Pronar Wheels tyre wholesaler cooperates on a daily basis, grows in proportion to the needs of our customers. That is why we decided to show not only the rims themselves, but also the assortment of our warehouse. The best part is that the biggest tyres will arrive there soon.
President of the Republic of Poland in Pronar Exhibition Centre
We would like to thank once again all the people we hosted at our newly established Pronar Exhibition Center. The exhibition impressed everyone, including our employees – after all, it is difficult to understand the achievements and power of a company with so many branches and so many employees. If you are interested in a full report on the visit to other parts of the Exhibition Center, please read the article on Once again – thank you for your visit.
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