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Record year 2021

The year 2021 was undoubtedly unique for Pronar Wheels in many ways. At a time when other companies faced more and more problems like rising prices of transport and components, we were breaking our own records.

Development in times of a pandemic would not be possible if had not been for the company’s strategy adopted years ago.

Companies that manufacture their products out of steel faced a barrier in the form of a record increase in the prices of this raw material. In addition, the rising prices of transport meant that many factories, including those belonging to the largest companies in the world, were shut down. The situation on the steel market did not affect us to such an extent thanks to sufficient stock accumulated in our warehouse, which allowed us to continue production for up to three months without deliveries.

All our products are made in our factories, which makes us independent from external production companies. Thanks to this, our production was able to keep up with sales, which were on an undoubtedly record level at Pronar Wheels. After the record-breaking 2020 year, we significantly increased our sales plan for 2021, which we fulfilled at a level of 126%.

A few years ago, we started our Assembly Center, which mounts hundreds of tire assemblies every day. The demand for complete wheels has been increasing year by year and this trend is reflected by the numbers – after all, in 2021 we broke our last year’s record by 31%.

Pronar Wheels employee mounting a tyre on a wheel

Despite the increase in sales of rims and complete wheels, the biggest record was broken in our recently established Tyre Wholesale.

Our Wholesale is the fastest growing branch of Pronar Wheels. And it can be seen not only in numbers – due to the increasing number of orders, we had to reach for logistics outsourcing, because our warehouse was simply too small. Last year, our wholesale became the largest distributor of leading premium tyre brands and generated record sales in 2021 – as much as 600% compared to 2020!

The growing demand for tire assemblies and tires for the agricultural, construction, forestry and municipal sectors not only contributed to the increase in sales. In order to be able to cope with all logistics related to the purchase and storage of tyres, our Purchasing and Logistics Section gained two new employees last year.

Production at the highest levels is possible thanks to the automation of production stations – that is why we focus on their expansion.

Increasing the safety of employees as well as the quality and repeatability of production is a time-consuming and difficult process to implement. Every day, a team of designers and engineers from the Development Office works on the modernization of existing machines and the designs of upcoming ones. This year, older devices and machines have been adapted to the most modern safety procedures by installing gates and sensors that minimize the likelihood of accidents at work.

At the end of 2021, a new manipulator was launched as an extension of the automated production line. Now, it is safe to say that this line is fully automated. Before launching of the manipulator, the task of the line operator was to collect the wheel, place it on a machine making a hole for the valve, and then put it on a pallet. Now all this is done by the machine, which additionally takes the pallets from the stack itself and then places the wheels on it. Currently, the employee’s task is only to collect the pallet with ready-made, welded wheels and place it in the warehouse.

Automated production and increasing employee safety are the two main goals that we set for ourselves. Our production solutions were appreciated at the end of last year by the Ministry of Development of Poland by naming us The Factory of the Future.

Manipulator in Pronar Wheels factory

The year 2021 is one great record in the history of Pronar Wheels. Now we are focusing on new ventures that will allow us to say the same about 2022.

Our company is constantly growing, both in terms of the expansion of the machine park and in terms of human resources. Each department works for a joint result that can undoubtedly be called a success. And it would not be possible without the involvement of the entire team of Pronar Wheels.

Plans for the next year seem to be as interesting as the previous year’s, but this time we are limited not only by time – we need more people to work. Everyone interested in working in a dynamically developing company is invited to the “Career” tab on our website – there you can find all the job openings for which we are currently recruiting. Come join us!

Rafał Mazur Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Handlu i Marketingu

Rafał Mazur

Deputy Director, Head of Sales and Marketing
Daniel Grygoruk Specjalista ds. Marketingu

Daniel Grygoruk

Marketing and Sales Support Specialist

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