Advanced welding automation line

Advanced Welding Automation

In one of our factories, we launched a high-performance double-wire welding system using MIG and MAG methods. It is called TPSi TWIN Push. Its concept was created at the Pronar Wheels Development Office and was implemented by a team of experienced engineers. It is the first such technologically advanced welding system in Poland and one of the few in the world.
In the factory, the system works with an automatic machine for welding heavy multi-piece wheels made of steel with a thickness of 15 to 30 mm. The automatic machine was designed in such a way that the assembly of extremely heavy details before welding, as well as the process itself along with auxiliary operations, was performed by a team of automatic manipulators, and human work was limited only to supervising the proper operation of the station.

Welding is carried out using four burners, supervised by four separate systems. At the same time, groin and bridgehead welding takes place in the side or downward position.

Advanced welding automation
Each of the four systems consists of two power sources with a total welding current of 1000 A. They are coupled by a master module that controls and synchronizes both sources, wire feeders and two-wire welding torches. TPSi TWIN Push systems have advanced software that controls the course of current-voltage parameters (separately on each electrode). Thanks to this, the technologist can create synergistic lines adapted to strictly defined tasks.
Advanced process control and full automation of welding open up new possibilities unattainable using conventional methods. Thanks to the installed system, bridgehead joining of rim edges with a thickness of up to 15 mm is now possible in one torch pass, which would not be possible with the standard MIG and MAG welding methods.

Such an advanced system requires specialist knowledge, but due to it the efficiency and quality of the welds are on the highest level.

The welds themselves are characterized by above-average strength properties while maintaining optimal geometry. Macroscopic specimens show a high degree of penetration of the weld into the welded material with a relatively narrow heat-affected zone. This guarantees high quality and strength of the welded joint.
Advanced welding automation
The high degree of automation and welding speed requires the use of systems supporting the operator’s work. These are sets of laser sensors that automatically position the burners. Thanks to the installed cameras, the operator can observe the process on the monitor.
The innovative work of our engineers made it possible to install a modern welding system that allows for advanced automation of this process. And this makes Pronar strengthen the position of the leading manufacturer of disc wheels in the world.
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