A hydraulic press from Pronar Wheels' factory

We focus on automation

Pronar Wheels Development Office is consistently modernizing production lines. The latest investment is a robot installed in the factory in Narewka, which automated the work of a press with a pressure of 3150 tons.

The machine installed by the engineers of Pronar Wheels is the so-called a Cartesian robot, i.e. a multi-task manipulating machine that – while working – moves in many axes.

The machine is not a classic manipulator, because it works in 8 axes (the classic manipulator has less than three axes of movement). All machine constructions designed so far in the Pronar Wheels Development Office are characterized by the number of 5 to 8 axes of movement.

A hydraulic press from Pronar Wheels' factory

The new robot connects machines together within one production line, which was operated by an employee. The task of the robot is to move the detail between the devices included in the line. Until now, the worker had placed the material in a machine that pressed a disc out of a sheet of metal. Then the disc was removed from the press and placed in another machine, which made bold patten using the laser cutting method. Finally, the worker puts the finished detail on the pallet. The newly launched robot performs all these activities on its own, and the role of the employee is reduced to giving a pallet with the material and then collecting ready and palletized parts.

The robot supplementing the production line in Narewka works in four loading axes and in four receiving axes. It is mainly driven by electric motors. Its installation completes the stage of work on an automated production line, which includes two hydraulic presses with a pressure of 5000 and 3150 tons.

The experience gained during the implementation of many innovative positions and the considerable design achievements of Pronar meant that the company from Narew was included in the list of key machine manufacturers by a leading contractor of control systems for machine automation. Thus, Pronar was included in the exclusive group of 10 companies from Poland that are serviced under priority conditions.

A hydraulic press from Pronar Wheels' factory

Another investment of Pronar Wheels, bringing closer the full automation of work in the factory in Narewka, will be the robotization of the machining cell. Thanks to this, in addition to the laser cutting technique, it will also be possible to use machining, which is more effective when making connections in discs made of thicker material. As in the case of the completed investment, another robot will also be installed at the factory in Narewka.

Krzysztof Szubzda Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Techniki i Rozwoju

Krzysztof Szubzda

Deputy Director, Head of Technology and Development
Daniel Grygoruk Specjalista ds. Marketingu

Daniel Grygoruk

Marketing and Sales Support Specialist

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