In 2020 Pronar Wheels has expanded the arsenal of its machines with two powerful hydraulic presses and a modern manipulator.

Year 2020 was a period of intensive development of Pronar Wheels, because we not only expanded the offer of our products, but also raised their quality to a much higher level. Last year, our factories were enriched with new devices that allowed us to increase production and introduce completely new solutions to our offer.

Our factory in Narewka was enriched with new, powerful hydraulic presses. Presses, thanks to the pressure of 3 and 5 thousand tons per cm2 are able to work with materials stronger than before (with a thickness of up to 30 mm). The enormous forces acting on the steel are able to press the discs in the range of 300-400 mm in depth. In addition, thanks to the hydroforming system, it has also become possible to form steel under extremely high pressure – up to 4,000 bars (i.e. up to a thousand times higher pressure than those to which the wheels in the tires are subjected). This technology allows for higher accuracy of projects made in a 3D environment.

So far, we prided ourselves on the fact that we produce disc wheels in 500 sizes and in 9,000 configurations and our system has allowed us to process over half a million wheels per year. All these numbers soared due to our new acquisitions. Our offer has grown thanks to the introduction of heavy machinery wheels, incl. construction and mining. Thanks to them, Pronar Wheels meets the expectations of the North American market.

At the factory in Narewka, we also launched a manipulator, which was designed and constructed in Pronar (like many other machines working at the company’s factories). It was designed and made by engineers of the Development Department of the Disc Wheels Department of Pronar. The device allowed for the creation of an automated production line, which includes hydraulic press with a pressure of 2 thousand tons and a specialized system for laser cutting. Thanks to the manipulator, the efficiency of the station has doubled, and the work of the people operating it has become less strenuous and safer.

The production of modern and highly efficient wheels requires the use of innovative solutions on technological lines. In order to be able to take full advantage of the possibility of their automation, it is necessary to use modern solutions in the field of intelligent control. These include: laser vision systems (supervise the quality of production), Internet industrial networks (allow for continuous access and supervision over the production line from any place) and industrial databases (they are used to record production parameters and controlled parameters of manufactured details). The use of these technical solutions ensured full control over the quality of production and ensured that each product leaving the press and the factory meets the highest standards. Installed manipulator not only increased the automation of the technological line, but also facilitated the production of rims. The machines will be able to manufacture more wheels in a wider range of sizes and configurations.

At Pronar Wheels, we care not only about the development in terms of production, but also about the development of systems ensuring the safety of our employees. Two new presses installed in Narewka are operated by a powerful robot constructed and designed by Pronar engineers, and the manipulator is the first of many planned. Automation of individual work stations is to increase safety standards in the premises of Pronar factories.