Pronar Multifit Wheel configuration

A new series of technical films

At Pronar Wheels, we believe that the basis of development is access to knowledge. One of the areas that has been gaining popularity and modernity in recent years is agriculture. The demand for food is growing year by year and the responsibility for increasing its production rests on the shoulders of the farmers and on the axles of their machines. The challenge is not only for farm workers, but also for machine producers, whose task is to produce tools that enable high-speed operation without downtime.

Therefore, we made the decision to launch a new series of technical videos. From our productions, you will be able to learn important, but not commonly known, facts about what drives every business – about wheels and tyres.

The series opener is the film about Pronar Multifit wheels. We have mentioned our original solution on many occasions, but never so thoroughly. From the first episode of our series, you will learn what the use of Multifit wheels is, who needs them, and how they can facilitate work in inter-row crops.

In the following episodes, we will share with you the knowledge about wheels and tyres and their proper selection. We plan to produce films about rims for individual machines, not only from the agricultural sector. We will also look behind the production curtain, where we will tell you about the technologies used in the production and testing of rims. In short – we will tell you how we drive businesses around the world.

We invite all of you to observe our YouTube channel and our social media pages, where you will find more videos from the “How Does It Roll?” series.

P.S. If you have any questions about the film, feel free to ask them in the comments section below the film.

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Daniel Grygoruk

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