Workshop on the Bialystok University of Technology

Workshops at the University of Technology

In March and May, the Career Office of the Białystok University of Technology, the Human Resources Department of Pronar and Pronar Wheels organized a series of practical workshops on trade negotiations. Three editions of the classes were held at the Faculty of Engineering Management of the Białystok University of Technology in Kleosin (Podlaskie Voivodeship), and the participants were students of management and production engineering.

The classes were conducted by Mateusz Czerniakiewicz – responsible for the sales of Pronar Wheels in Italy, Great Britain and Ireland, many times representing the company and actively participating in many foreign industry events (eg EIMA in Bologna or Agritechnica in Hanover).

The first classes took place in March. Their topic was: “How to organize trips to fairs?” Mateusz Czerniakiewicz shared his experiences from numerous business talks (especially with foreign partners), and then moved to the practical part of the workshops.

Students – divided into groups with specific budgets – were to prepare the company for participation in fairs, during which it was necessary to carry out the assigned tasks. The aim of the course was to teach the art of preparing a company to participate in industry events (also in terms of logistics).

Workshop on the Bialystok University of Technology

Another workshop took place in May. Students – divided into groups of customers and sellers – negotiated. The ability to skillfully conduct a conversation with a potential client is crucial when applying for a job in a commercial company. The manager from Pronar observed the negotiations and corrected the mistakes made. Thanks to this, students learned the rules of conducting negotiations not only in theory but also in practice, which will undoubtedly help them in their future careers.

During the last workshop, Mateusz Czerniakiewicz introduced the audience to techniques commonly used in international trade. It was based not only on his own experience, but also referred to the research of the American professor Robert Caldini – a world authority in the field of social behavior analysis. After the lecture, the students – again divided into groups of sellers and customers – conducted business talks using the techniques presented.

Workshop on the Bialystok University of Technology

The series of classes and workshops helped students gain practical knowledge needed in business contacts and get to know Pronar, the largest private employer in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

During the meetings, representatives of Pronar Wheels and the Human Resources Department presented job offers, as well as the benefits of employment in Pronar. Classes organized by Pronar and the Career Office of the Białystok University of Technology are the next stage of long-term cooperation, which is to help students in their professional careers in a practical way.

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