Employee Trainings

We plan employee trainings

We plan employee trainings at Pronar so that everyone can be prepared for work from the theoretical side and quickly gain practical experience. Theory and practice combined together bring good results.

Each year we conduct employee trainings in Pronar more and more often. Most of them concern newly recruited employees or transferred to a position with a completely different specificity than the previous ones. Last year, Pronar employees most often raised their qualifications in the field of electrohydraulics, service maintenance, casting defects and methods of preventing them, as well as operating cranes and forklifts. First of all, the main goal of these trainings is quick and effective preparation for new tasks as part of the duties arising from the given job. As a result, the efficiency, commitment and self-confidence of employees who are not afraid of making some mistakes while performing new tasks increases. The people who train them are Pronar employees with extensive professional experience and ability to share their knowledge.

We constantly equip Pronar factories with increasingly modern production lines using more and more innovative technologies. It requires constant improvements of the technical staff. Therefore, employees must constantly improve their qualifications to meet the position related tasks.

Pronar, as a national leader in the production of agricultural and municipal machinery, has a well-developed commercial network in Poland and in over sixty countries of the world, which ensures a systematic increase in sales. Due to the fact that a large part of Pronar’s production is exported, it is necessary to constantly improve the language skills of all foreign trade specialists.
We conduct the periodic annual employee reviews at the end of each year at Pronar. The type and scope of professional development that a given employee or group of employees will need in the near future is also determined.
Rafał Mazur Zastępca Dyrektora ds. Handlu i Marketingu

Rafał Mazur

Deputy Director, Head of Sales and Marketing

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