High competition on the market forces manufacturers and suppliers to reduce the time in which products reach customers. First of all, shortening the individual stages of its delivery process requires the use of ever new tools, technologies and processes aimed at faster implementation of the products (production).

One of such tools is software belonging to the CAE group (Computer Aided Engineering), which uses the finite element method in its calculations (MES software). First of all, MES is the most popular method used in the process of supporting engineering calculations (at the design stage). It is used to check (verify) the structure in terms of strength.

Oprogramowanie MES
Pomiary MES

Implementation of innovative technologies, including more and more advanced programs such as from the CAE group (ANSYS and LS-DYNA), contributes to the successful and continuous development of Pronar. These programs help to detect weak points in the design of machines earlier. Without this new software it was only possible to locate it after a series of tests during operating hours. This, in turn, prevents possible damage to the structure already at the design stage. It also shortens the time of implementation of the product into serial production.

Therefore, ANSYS software gives Pronar specialists the opportunity to analyse 3D models in a complex stress state. We can analyse them in both linear and non-linear ranges. First, the LS-DYNA software allows for complex dynamic analyses. Their important factor is the time of impact of phenomena such as collisions or explosions.

Oprogramowanie MES

The CAE software used at Pronar enables:

  • to determine:
  •  state of stress and deformation in a complex state,
  •  deformation,
  • estimation of safety factors,
  • shape optimisation,
  • performing analysis of:
  • thermal stress,
  • buckling,
  • fatigue,
  • flowing,
  • frequency own vibrations,
  • performing dynamic calculations in the form of simulations of: collisions, falls, crash tests and explosions.

Most importantly, Pronar’s designers take into account the results of strength analysis in the design process. The results obtained through CAE programs based on the finite element method help to optimise the design of structures in terms of strength and economy.

In summary, the complex and advanced strength calculations using finite element method programs (MES software) have become indispensable. First of all, we use them in the process of creating new products. These contribute significantly to the success of Pronar.