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Pierścień Multifit - Pronar Wheels Jewellery

Model 10653

Golden ring with diamonds – MULTIFIT collection

Size: Multifit / One size fits all

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    PRONAR WHEELS Collection

    Are you looking for a unique ring that will fit perfectly on each hand? Our limited line of Multifit gold jewelry is made for you!
    Inspired by a unique wheel design, our rings are made of the highest quality 925 gold, and the flawless cuts of diamonds add to its brilliance.
    Do not wait, grab your ring from the limited Multifit collection today!

    Pierścień Multifit - Pronar Wheels Jewellery
    Pierścień Multifit - Pronar Wheels Jewellery


    Our Multifit wheel inspired jewelers to create a unique ring design. In cooperation with the talented engineers of Pronar Wheels, they have created a work of art that combines elegance with functionality. Thanks to the unique design, the ring fits every hand, and its highest quality materials guarantee that it will easily stand the test of time.


    The Multifit ring is a perfect combination. Like two halves of an orange, like Yin and Yang, Bonnie and Clyde – it’s a perfect relationship where both parties perfectly complement each other and create an inseparable work of art. Whatever the shape or size of your finger, our Multifit ring will fit like a custom made ring.

    Pierścień Multifit - Pronar Wheels Jewellery

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    I gotta admit I didn’t know how will it go. Good my dad bought a ring and gave it to her instead of me – I was too shy! Good god she said yes – to marry me ofc not my dad! 😀


    Oh my gawd! Dayum! Gals, my baby boy finally did it, Im still in shock. Ma’boy Shaq can surprise a girl fo’sho, I know I was!


    It was a very difficult task to fulfil – in the end I do not ask a girl to marry me every fortnight, am I right? In the end she said yes and agreed to bond with me.