Wheels and tyres for all your needs

For over 20 years we have been producing high quality steel wheels for:

agriculture sector

construction sector

municipal sector

forestry sector

We have the third place in the production of wheels in the world!

300wheel types (adjustable and welded)
600tyre sizes
8000wheels configurations
15000tyres in stock

Why is it worth trusting us?

We use innovative technologies

We manufacture our wheels on machines that we have designed ourselves. Thanks to this, we can constantly improve and expand them, and some of the work is done by robots. Most importantly, we implement the most modern and ecological production solutions.

We've created our own production line for profiling

We use three-dimensional design techniques

Most importantly – we create wheels for the individual needs of our customers. Three-dimensional design allows us to develop the most optimal construction solutions. As a result, you get a guarantee of the wheel reliability during use in conditions consistent with its intended use.

3D design and modeling

Wheels and tyres are tested and checked in accredited laboratories

Wheels and tyres before they reach the client are thoroughly tested in our Research and Development Center. We run, among others computer analysis of MES structure strength, steel and rubber fatigue life tests. In addition, we perform load-driving simulations and paint coating durability tests in a salt climate chamber. In addition, we test the wheels and tyres at the customer’s request.

The wheels and tyres are tested in an AB3 accredited laboratory

We operate in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing system

Quality accompanies us at every stage of production. First of all, we train our employees and constantly develop and improve production processes. This allows us to create products that are safe and maximally suited to the needs of our customers.

Continuous research and development is the foundation of our activities

We meet global standards


– have implemented and consistently maintain the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 since 2001.

– design wheels according to the global standards ETRTO, EUWA. TRA.

– use checking procedures: PPAP-APQP, 8D Reports, FMEA, Pareto Analysis. In conclusion, you can be sure that the wheels and tyres that we offer meet European and global standards.

Pronar wheels are designed according to ETRTO standards

We care about the environment

We have ISO certificate 14001: 2005, confirming our activities for environmental protection and pollution prevention. For example Pronar wheels in the final stage of production are subjected to multi-stage painting using ecological solutions such as nanoceramics and cataphoresis.

Cataphoresis - high surface durability

Ecological powder paint shop

We feel socially responsible

All Pronar factories, including our wheel production, are located in small towns. As a result, Pronar is usually the largest employer in the area. We are aware of our responsibility, which is why we conduct our business with respect for the interests of local communities and the surrounding nature.

Be always up to date

By visiting our website you have a closer look at every aspect of Pronar Wheels, how we operate and what we do every day.